Wide range of HR processes

  1. New Job ad process integrated with e-recruitment
  2. Probation period and Appraisal processes (for different definable evaluation criteria)
  3. Vacation request process
  4. Ticket/Travel Request process
  5. Early leave/Late attendance process
  6. Overtime Request process
  7. Complaints and Suggestion process
  8. Bulletin board ad posting process
  9. Internal Ad and News posting process
  10. Meeting room reservation Request process

Flexible roles

The most felxible role definition you could think of, define roles based on groups like who is Admin, HR Staff, etc.. Or based on the Organizational Structure like who is direct manager request submitter, Or based on relation to requested function like request sender, receiver, and more.

Open Integration

For every event and step that takes place in the daily HR Process trigger external events, and integrate with your existing applications.